What is "Passive building "?

Passive building is a standard for energy efficiency in building industry, which was created by Passivhaus Institut - Dr. Wolfgang Feist in Darmstadt, Germany.

"Passive building is one in which a comfortable indoor climate can be maintained without active heating and cooling systems," Adamson 1987 and Feist 1988

The building is heated or cooled by itself, there is a "passive". Passive is this building that meets the following mandatory requirements of the standard:

• Specific energy demand for heating ventilation is no more than 15 kWh/m2 year.

• Total consumption of all building needs no more than 120 kWh/m2 year.

• breathability of the building must be no greater than 0.6 times its volume with the difference in air pressure inside and outside of 50 Ra.

Listed binding parameters show a very low energy demand of the entire building close to zero values.




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